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Samba Platinum Credit Card

The Samba Platinum Card is the ultimate symbol of privilege. It provides a host of exclusive services, conveniences and advantages specially designed to complement your lifestyle and give you the power to enjoy the best things in life while receiving the recognition you deserve anywhere in the world, day or night.

It’s the best Credit Card. Get yours now!

For inquiries, call SambaPhone toll-free on 800 124 1010.

Exclusive benefits and privileges:

Samba Visa Platinum Card:

For more details on exclusive benefits and privileges on your Samba Visa Platinum, please click here.

Samba MasterCard Platinum Card:

For more details on exclusive benefits and privileges on your Samba Mastercard Platinum, please click here.

  • Access to Airport Lounges:

    • Samba Visa Platinum Card (DragonPass):

      Your Samba Visa Platinum Credit Card gives you access to 25+ airport lounges as well as discounts at 200+ airport restaurants.

      To learn about participating lounges, click here.

      Enjoy up to 6 visits to all lounges covered by the program.* Your free visit count will be reset on January 31, next year*.

      *Any member visits above this entitlement and all guests will be charged US$ 27 per person per visit.
      Download the “DragonPass Dine and Travel Companion” app from your device app store for details of participating lounges and airport restaurants.

    • Samba MasterCard Platinum Card

Samba Services:

  • Zero% Taqseet program installment with participating merchants for 3 to 12 months.
  • Enjoy special Samba offers. To view the offers, please click here.
  • Get Visa Explore offers, click here.
  • Get "MasterCard For You" offer & "Buy 1 get 1" offer, please click here.

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