Corporate Banking

Samba is the leading corporate bank in Saudi Arabia. From managing the Kingdom's largest IPOs to engineering the largest corporate Islamic financing deals in history, Samba is a trusted partner in growth for some of the leading local and multinational companies in Saudi Arabia and the region.

Our customers benefit from a world class relationship banking approach and tailored, innovative solutions reflecting Samba's unrivalled corporate banking expertise. We provide distinctive financial banking and advisory services for customers in the government and public sectors, financial institutions, top tier private sector companies, and global corporations.

Samba's corporate banking team is the most experienced in the Kingdom. Organized into various industry sectors and regions, the Samba team provides a superior array of tailored and unique solutions delivered with proven executional expertise. Samba's corporate customers have access to a wide range of specialists in a number of areas, including corporate finance, treasury and global transaction services. By combining Samba's proven expertise in all these areas, Samba is in a position to work as a strategic partner for its customers and help them achieve business growth.


Account Services

Every corporate entity has its own unique banking and financial needs. The Samba Corporate Banking Account comes with an exhaustive range of features and benefits that take care of all these requirements and also promote business growth. Samba Corporate Current Account includes both the Saudi Riyal Accounts & Foreign Currency Accounts.

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Time Deposit

Time deposits are the best way to invest your excess funds. You can choose from periods ranging from three, six, nine or twelve months. Rates are dependent on the amount and tenor of the deposit. Samba's Time Deposit rates are very competitive.

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Cash Management

Leave your cash management needs to the experts. Samba offers superior cash management tools and solutions delivered by professional, experienced, and well-trained Relationship Managers and cash management experts. Samba offers an unmatched range of innovative products and services tailored to suit your evolving business needs.

  • Total Quality Approach. We focus on service quality and service responsiveness.
  • State-of-the-art technology to meet your needs in a secure and efficient manner. A fully automated environment enhances our capability for mass payments and value-added collections tremendously.
  • Integrated approach to Cash Management and Trade services, allowing you to manage your business effectively.

Cash management solutions:

Liquidity Management

We offer fully automated investment and liquidity management structures that ensure an efficient account management process for your company.

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Payment and Collection Solutions

We offer a convenient, secure and reliable mechanism to make local currency and foreign currency payments, offering several choices for sending your payment files to us.

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Direct Debit

A direct debit is a quick, easy and convenient method of making regular payments (e.g. bills, installments, subscriptions, etc) without having to visit Samba to pay your dues.

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Cash Pick-up and Delivery Services

Now, your company can authorize Samba to collect cash deposits at your various business locations and pick them up at a pre-arranged schedule, depending on your need.

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e-Merchant Services

SambaConnect is a new state-of-the-art online payment system that provides a secure way for merchants to accept payments from online buyers on their websites or portals.

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GSM Point of Sales (POS)

GSM POS is a vital tool for organizations to settle invoices remotely at their convenience, 24x7. It provides a convenient and secure way of collection for the Merchant.

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Employee Solutions

Employee Payroll Card

With the Samba Payroll Card, you can make payroll checks obsolete. It's a cost-effective new way to disburse payroll. Our state-of-the-art technology minimizes the time and errors experienced with traditional payroll processing.

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Trade Services

Import Services

Saudi National Bank offers a wide range of products to facilitate and finance your import needs. Our qualified staff will ensure that you get the best and speedy service.

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Export Services

Saudi National Bank has a range of products that an exporter can use to facilitate export. Samba Trade Specialists are committed to deliver great value to our customers.

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Guarantee Services

Guarantees constitute a bank promise to pay in case of default by its customers. Samba issues a full range of guarantees to meet your financial requirements.

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Trade Templates

We offer a comprehensive list of trade templates, all downloadable and ready to use.

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