SAMBA POS Terminals

With SAMBA POS terminals you can secure your store purchases amount and execute your transactions easily and safely…

SAMBA POS terminals provide our clients multiple features and updated POS software that accept new payments NFC, apple pay and MADA pay as well as accepting MADA cards, GCC and the global networks VISA, Master Card and American express cards.


  • High secure, fast transaction execution
  • Flexibility on transactions reconciliation and deposit transactions amounts in your account automatically
  • 24/7 support by calling our Samba phone banking for maintenance and claims
  • You can integrate your POS with your Casher register.
  • One of the advantages for business owners and their clients is that it is now possible through the Mada “NAQD” service to get cashback via cashers, and present them to your customer when he makes any payment with POS devices that are compatible with Mada standards. This service allows the merchant to get rid of the excess cash in the commercial site by presenting it to the buyer during the payment process through the Mada Banking Card without any additional fees.
  • Free of maintenance and installation
  • Competitive prices
  • Train all your employees in your branches.

To request POS please visit nearest branch (click here), following documents are required.


  • Copy of commercial registration.
  • Copy of your ID.
  • National address and email
  • Owner or authorized representative.


  • Copy of commercial registration.
  • National address and email
  • Article of Association & Partners Resolution.
  • ID copy of the Assigned Manager