Business Credit Facilities

Saudi National Bank provides an integrated package of credit products and services that aims at facilitating and financing all the needs of various business sectors (trading, industrial, servicing and contracting works), under the supervision of a qualified staff to ensure your access to best and fastest service.

  • Letters of Guarantee: Samba issues all types of bank guarantees on behalf of the client including the primary and final guarantees and the advance payment guarantees submitted in the interest of the parties that the client contracts with.
  •  Invoices and Extracts Funding: We also support your business and facilitate your cash cycle by funding the extracts and the invoices that result from your contract business, so that you will be able to execute your business without facing cash-flow problems that may hinder the execution of your projects or your operational processes.
  • Fixed Assets Funding (Long-term Loan) : Samba support includes the submittal of ad hoc funding solutions to expand and promote your fixed assets base as an aim to develop your business. The funding period may be chosen to be a medium-or-long-term period and on concessionary terms.
  • Working Capital Financing (Short-term Loan, Overdraft and Letter of Credit with possibility of financing them) : Samba provides Financing solutions for Working Capital Financing, Which is important for developing business and crucial to grow your business and gain a competitive edge in a fast developing market. Our Working Capital Financing encompasses overdraft, Short-term loans and letter of credit including re-financing bay way of short-term loans.