e-Banking (Treasury & Global Markets)

Samba STEP is a real-time FX dealing platform and is a market leading initiative and an exciting development in our capabilities and solutions for the customers. Samba STEP offers a comprehensive web-based FX trading solution and enables the bank to price, execute, confirm and manage FX trading-all in real-time. It offers feature-rich capabilities for the customers and traders, which enables a client to view live-streaming rates and trade in a real-time, while traders can easily monitor and manage e-business flows via online platforms e.g. Bloomberg FX-GO (Code: STEP) and Refinitiv FX-ALL (Code: SAMBA).

This is the first FX e-trading platform implemented in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Samba STEP is fully implemented across all the branches, operations, and integrated with online channels which enables Samba clients to obtain real-time streaming rates.

In order to reach wider markets (especially outside the Kingdom) and increase volume and market shares in lucrative FX markets, Samba has implemented the Samba STEP platform at the major market data providers online services portal like Bloomberg and Refinitiv (former Thomson Reuters). This is another step towards leading-edge technology and leverages-off Samba’s strength as a market maker in the GCC currencies.