Treasury & Global Markets

The mission of Samba Treasury is to ensure customer satisfaction and continuous financial innovation by providing world-class financial solutions to our customers’ increasingly sophisticated needs. We continuously strive to achieve a better understanding of our customers' needs and deliver value-added solutions. It is this focus that sets us apart from our competitors.

We live in a dynamic world. The increased sophistication and volatility of the financial markets around the world provide opportunities as well as risks. We are here not only to help our customers to benefit from these opportunities, but also to assist them in managing their risks efficiently.

Samba Treasury is staffed by dedicated professionals whose aim is to provide products and financial solutions that assist our customers in managing their potential financial risks.

As Saudi financial markets liberalize and develop, we anticipate that corporates and individuals would require more solutions to complex exposure management situations. We look to meet those requirements by creatively combining foreign exchange, money markets, capital markets and derivative products. Our objective is to help our customers make intelligent financial choices and improve risk management based on risk-reward profile.

Whether you need some basic information, or need to discuss complex exposure management, we are here to assist you. Please do call us directly or through your relationship manager.

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