About Private Banking

Protecting, growing and deploying the wealth of individuals with substantial assets is an art that Samba has been refining longer than any other Saudi bank. Indeed, as the first private banking service in the Kingdom, Samba Private Banking represents Samba's most highly refined suite of banking and wealth management services for the elite of the elite.

We believe our success is founded on ensuring that our services go beyond growing your assets and managing your wealth. With our decades of experience and unrivalled depth of expertise, we understand the importance of careful planning, precision, creative thinking and individual solutions to achieve the perfect balance between your wealth and your goals.

While every customer is unique in background and aspirations, the need to manage risk and maximize asset growth is universal. That's why your Samba personal advisor is backed by a full team of wealth management experts from SambaCapital to deliver world class investment solutions including asset and wealth management services, advisory services and various tools tailored to help you make wise, informed decisions, seamlessly.

Confidentiality. Precision. World class advice. These are some of the superior reasons why Samba, the Kingdom's private banking pioneer, continues to be the most trusted wealth confidant of the Kingdom's privileged elite.

Account Opening-Individual

Account Opening-Corporate