Investment Services*

* Investment Services are offered by SambaCapital

** Samba Capital & Investment Management Company CR1010237159,
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Sharia Compliant Investments

"Innovative Investment solutions based on Sharia principles"

For our elite customers, SambaCapital offers a full suite of world class Shariah compliant investment solutions, designed to help you meet your financial and investment goals. These include asset management (including discretionary portfolio management), Capital Raising, Advisory Services and Brokerage Services.

Asset Management Services

SambaCapital is one of a few elite investment houses in the Gulf capable of managing local and international funds and customized portfolios in-house through an award-winning team of investment managers and partnerships with some of the world's leading investment houses.

These investment opportunities can be accessed through mutual funds or discretionary portfolios and are available in Shariah-compliant and conventional formats.

  • Mutual Funds

    SambaCapital mutual funds are managed by a group of experienced and highly skilled fund managers who spend their time and effort studying market movements and trends to deliver the best performance. SambaCapital offers a wide range of Shariah compliant equity and debt mutual funds.

    On the equities side, you can choose to invest in Saudi Arabia, GCC, the Far East, China, Japan, United States, Europe and global equities.

    Our fixed income product menu provides you with the opportunity to invest in most major currencies.

    For investors interested in alternate asset classes, you have the choice to invest in the Samba Real Estate Fund.

    Please click here to read more about Samba Mutual Funds.

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management

    SambaCapital offers an exclusively tailored Discretionary Portfolio Management account which has the full flexibility to invest in a diversified investment universe including both local and international markets. Within multi-asset class mandates it is furthermore possible to include an allocation from an alternative investment spectrum such as commodities, real estate etc. Each one of the mandates offers a fully flexible, bespoke solution that aims to meet the exact requirements of the respective client. Portfolios can be conventional or Islamic.

  • Fiduciary Placements

    Fiduciary Placement is a mode of capital investment in the form of a time deposit placed by SambaCapital in its fiduciary capacity with reputable banks and institutions. You can assign SambaCapital, in a fiduciary capacity, to place your funds with reputable credit-worthy banks or financial institutions in major financial markets.

    Fiduciary placements may be in Saudi Riyals or any major foreign currency such as US Dollars, Euro and GBP.

    These Investments are characterized as:

    • Low-risk investments
    • Short-term investments
  • Islamic Placements

    You can open an investment account with SambaCapital that invests in International Trade Finance (Murabaha) & Sukuks. SambaCapital acts as your agent and buys & sells commodities or goods (excluding gold, silver, and other non-Islamic commodities) on your behalf in a Shariah-compliant way. You can invest in foreign commodities in any of the major currencies such as Saudi Riyal, US Dollars, Euro, & GBP.

    These Investments are characterized as:

    • Shariah compliant
    • Low risk investments
    • Short-term investments

Capital Raising

Samba Capital offers an unrivalled depth of expertise in raising equity and debt capital from public and private sources.

  • Initial Public Offerings

    As the Kingdom's leading and most trusted IPO manager, Samba Capital's offer an unmatched track record of success for advising, managing and executing successful public offerings. Samba Capital is a "one-stop shop" for IPOs with services encompassing advisory, valuation, underwriting and distribution along with receiving bank and flotation management services. Samba Capital can provide expert advice on matters and issues related to taking companies public. Such services also include non-funding issues such as finding the optimal transaction structure and corporate governance best practices consistent with regulatory guidelines.

  • Rights Issues

    Samba Capital, through the professional experience of its resources, has an extensive knowledge base on the challenges of raising capital through a rights issue. This makes Samba Capital the ideal choice for clients seeking this expertise in the marketplace.

  • Private Placements

    Samba Capital is very well placed in leading private placement transactions in the Kingdom. Raising capital in the private domain is a key strength for Samba Capital given its extensive knowledge of the local market and its wide network of relationships with investors.

  • Debt Capital Markets

    Samba Capital has a highly experienced Debt Capital Markets team leveraging its heritage of expertise and innovation in helping clients raise debt capital by issuing conventional bonds, commercial papers and Islamic Sukuks. We also enjoy unparalleled access to a very large and significant funding pool that consists of institutional and private investors.

Advisory Services

The Samba Capital team is widely recognized as the leading financial advisors in the Kingdom on mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring, business transformation, expansions and capital structuring. The Mergers & Acquisitions business is one of Samba Capital's core investment banking product offerings. We have one of the most experienced teams in the Kingdom advising corporate clients on achieving strategic objectives through mergers and acquisitions. In addition, Samba Capital has developed a deep inventory of structuring skills, enabling it to provide corporate clients with best-in-class financial advice. Samba Capital's financial advisory services include providing actionable solutions on capital structuring, investment planning, funding structures, joint ventures and cash flow optimization and capital raising.

Brokerage Services