Personalized Banking Services

  • Your Relationship Manager in Samba Private Banking

    Your Relationship Manager works to provide you the best personal world class banking services with utmost privacy and confidentiality. And he coordinates with the wealth management experts in SambaCapital to help you find the best investment opportunities in the local and global markets.

    He is at the heart of every Samba private banking relationship, a proven master of the modern art of specialized banking and wealth management. He understands that it's not just about growing your assets or balancing your portfolio. It's about helping you balance your life and focus on life's other precious priorities.

  • Account Services

    Your Private Banking ATM Card is your key to a world of elite Samba banking products and services including current accounts, savings accounts, time deposits, fund transfers, deposits, government payments, and much more, plus state-of-the-art Samba e-banking services including ATM services, SambaOnline , SambaPhone and SambaMobile. Your exclusive service as a Private Banking customer extends to SambaPhone. It has dedicated lines locally (through 800 124 0777) or overseas (through +96611 874 9887) where a team of experienced officers are ready to serve you 24/7)

  • Samba Structured Deposits

    It is a combination of long-term growth potential in equity or other markets and comfort of capital protection. Link your deposit's growth to the performance of any specific Local, Regional and/or International markets covering instruments such as equities, commodities, foreign currencies - individually or as a combination of these assets either in the form of Indices or hybrid baskets tailored to suit your needs. There are various levels of Capital Protection (upto 100%) that allows the depositor comfort in adverse market condition. This means in case of negative market move, the protected portion of your Deposit will be secured if held to maturity.

  • Exclusive Credit Facilities

    Samba Private Banking offers you various exclusive credit facilities to leverage your current investment portfolio with Samba to cover any urgent financial needs through a secured credit facility. We will be please to provide you the necessary financial advisory by participating in:

    • Bridging your financial needs using your assets by arranging credit facilities guaranteed by your Samba investments, so you don't have to liquidate any of them.
    • Setting the best strategy for protecting you against interest rate and foreign currency fluctuations
  • Samba Credit Cards

    Samba offers the widest choice of credit cards featuring the ultimate in privilege and spending power for our elite customers. Out of which, selected finest cards are represented below, with unlimited privileges to suit your needs and meet your aspirations. These cards are only offered to the elite of the elite, and designed to provide you the uniqueness and exclusivity you deserve:

    To see other Samba Credit Cards, please click here

  • Samba Islamic Banking

    For our elite customers, Samba offers a full suite of modern Shariah-approved financial solutions designed to help you meet your financial and investment goals according to Sharia principles. These include advisory services and exclusive credit facilities to help you bridge your financial needs.

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