Introducing the new SADAD Account
Pay for purchases online - even without a card!

A secure, one-stop solution for online payments

Introducing SADAD Account, an innovative new, non-card based payment solution which lets you pay for goods and services from a wide and growing selection of participating online merchants - directly from your account.

No need for a credit or debit card. No need to share sensitive card or bank account information. SADAD Account processes your online purchase securely and automatically, so you can shop with total confidence.

Just create a SADAD Account and start shopping!

When you pay through your SADAD Account, you pay through a new type of account specially designed to enable secure, cardless and cashless payments online.

Think of it as an online wallet or virtual account which you can easily setup and top up with funds from your regular Samba account.

The system is so secure it processes online payments without the need to share any card or bank account information. Now you can shop online and pay with total confidence.

Any Samba customer and anyone with a bank account can create a SADAD Account on SambaOnline.

To create a SADAD Account:

  • Log in to your SambaOnline account.
  • Click on SADAD Account and click Register. You will be required to create a Username and Password.
  • After successfully creating your SADAD Account, it will now appear as one of your Samba accounts.
  • You can top-up your SADAD Account with funds from your regular Samba account, as needed and as often as you want. You can also review transactions, ask for a refund, get service support and perform other tasks to manage your account.

To pay online with your SADAD Account:

  • Visit any participating online merchant and shop for any product or service.
  • When ready to make a payment, choose the SADAD Account checkout option.
  • On the SADAD Account checkout window, enter your Username, Password and payment amount to complete your payment.

Frequently Asked Questions