Convenient and secure online payment with Samba credit card

Online payment has become easier and safer with the advanced verification system supported by Visa and MasterCard! The “Secure Code” system enhances security and peace of mind when making online purchases.

A security code confirms and verifies the identity of the cardholder. The “authentication code” is sent via SMS to the customer's mobile number. Once the authentication code is entered on the security page, the transaction is authorized and the payment is completed.

No need to register your Samba Credit Card in the “Secure Code” system. Your card is automatically registered in the “Secure Code” System service. Note that a one-time “authentication code” is sent for each purchase and it ends with the completion of the transaction.

Please note that the validity of the authentication code expires ten minutes after the text message is received. If the code is entered incorrectly for more than three times, the card will be suspended. In this case, you need to contact SambaPhone to re-activate your card for online payments.

Please note that when using a Samba Supplementary Card for online payments, the “authentication code” is sent to the mobile number of the primary cardholder.

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